Anna Jenkins and Rachel Hembery founded Ethical Change on 1st May 2006 as a partnership consultancy, after more than 14 years each working in the environmental sector.

Anna is a forestry and timber specialist with particular experience of working with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification scheme for responsibly managed forests. Her work has included forest standards setting and multi-stakeholder consultation, technical trouble-shooting, promotion of the FSC standards and training in their application. She has a strategic view as well as an eye for detail, equally at home developing strategic plans as undertaking detailed analyses. Anna holds a BSc in Natural Resources and a MSc in Forestry and its Relation to Land Use. She was the Director of FSC UK for over 6 years. She started her career with the conservation organisation Fauna & Flora International. Anna sits on Duchy Originals’ Sustainability Advisory Board.

Rachel worked on various responsible trade issues including environmental labelling, the importation of wild bulbs from Europe, carbon sequestration, local food links and responsible procurement of forest products. Rachel was the Manager of the WWF UK Forest & Trade Network until August 2005.

Rachel left Ethical Change in June 2009 to pursue other interests and Anna continues to run Ethical Change Ltd.